Welcome to Hailer Technologies

Experts in keeping you safe online, at work and at home.

We provide products, services and education that enables you to keep protect your family and property from nefarious individuals. We currently are offering a Secure USB device that protects your privacy online.

This product provides numerous utilities for communicating in a more secure, less traceable fashion using a standard PC, but not running on top of Windows or Mac OS.

The Secure USB Key can turn any computer such as a laptop or desktop into a communication center with access to encrypted text communication and private web browsing. This approach avoids any malware which may have crept onto a computer and leaves behind no trace the computer has been used.

Increase Your Security!

Need more security in your communications? Work with the Hailer Safe USB key for a safer communication channel. Looking for a encrypted, non-email solution to share messages between recepients? Take a look at our products.

Who would need secure communications?

  • Journalists wishing to protect information or sources
  • Lawyers seeking to  maintain attorney-client-privilege
  • Business travelers seeking to keep company secrets or negotiations from prying eyes
  • Domestic victims of abuse looking to communicate without leaving traces